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-How it works-

Wool pellets slowly break down in the soil releasing nutrients for up to 6 months, fertilizing your garden all season long.


High in nitrogen and carbon but also contains calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur and other various micronutrients.

Wool has an average NPK value of 9-0-2

-Saves water-

Wool is very absorbent and will hold up to 20x its weight in water, significantly reducing the amount of time you need to spend at the end of a garden hose!


Wool pellets expand when wet, naturally aerating your soil and increasing oxygen levels.


-How to use-

As a soil additive mix ½ cup of pellets with 4 litres of soil and plant! If using in a larger area you will need about 1kg of pellets for 20-25sqft.

 For a slug control or weed suppressant sprinkle a layer of pellets under the plant and water well, you want the wool to “puff” up and form a mat.


      All gardens and soil are different, this is what we suggest for a starting point. Your garden may need more or less!

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